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Our Website Design & Development Process

To ensure your website perfectly captures your vision, we engage in a detailed collaboration, covering every aspect and piece of content. Our journey begins with a design discovery session to deeply understand your brand's values, mission, and vision.

Following this, we initiate the project with a kickoff meeting, diving into the essential details and specifications to propel the design and development forward.

At every step, you'll receive visual drafts for your feedback and approval, starting with the Homepage. Once you're happy with the design, we proceed to craft the remaining pages.

The development phase then takes over, where I leverage WIX for website design, incorporating SEO strategies to boost your online visibility. I use WIX because no other website platform match the straightforward, user-friendly experience WIX offers. Its admin dashboard is not only easy to navigate but also pairs with a dynamic design platform, enabling true personalization of your website.

As we approach launch, a pre-launch review ensures everything aligns with your expectations, setting the stage for your website's launch.

And our support doesn’t stop at launch; you'll receive an additional two months of technical assistance to ensure a smooth transition and ongoing success.


How a customized website can help you grow

  • Expand your reach and find new customers through improved SEO

  • Enhanced customer experience with a user-friendly design

  • Establish expertise through design and content

  • Distinguish yourself from the competition with a signature brand voice and identity


If you're interested in upleveling your business,

I help you deliver a top-notch experience to your customers so you stop losing them!


That's a wrap!

I hope this has shed some light on our design and development process.

As always, your feedback is invaluable. Reach out on social media or click HERE to share your thoughts, questions, or topics you'd like to explore in future articles.

Remember, cultivating a positive and successful business mindset is an ongoing process. So stay consistent, stay intentional, and keep chasing after those dreams. Thank you for tuning in. Until next time.



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