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Lhorie Salvador

I'm Lhorie! 


Website Designer and
Digital Copywriter

I help you deliver a top-notch experience to your customers so you stop losing them!

Let’s create something amazing, not just for your business, but for your life.

My mission is straightforward:

I’m here to help empower your business to flourish by turning your website into the exceptional 5-star destination your customers want to experience!


Every great business has stories worth telling. My goal is to shape those stories into moments that resonate, connect with your audience, and truly last.

The journey that led me here

I have worked corporate jobs my entire career. I’ve always believed that when you’re doing what you love, success and happiness exist harmoniously, something I’ve been very fortunate to experience in my life.

But ... there was always something missing. It was kind of like winning second place – it felt good, but not great. I’m a geek at heart so I enjoyed my job, but it no longer felt meaningful. I felt like just another worker-bee and I wanted more.


My expertise were honed during my time as an IT Business Analyst/Technical Trainer. My job was to analyze systems and processes, figure out what we could improve to make our customer’s journey more satisfying, and find smarter ways to get things done quicker. Over time, I got really good at breaking down complicated processes into simple, easy-to-understand, and compelling stories.

HIT PLAY to see my youngest son mimicking me while I work.

What's your story?

Are you struggling to attract your ideal customers, and you don’t know why?

Maybe your message isn’t clear enough for your ideal customers to understand what it is you really do and how you can help them.


Maybe your website is missing key information and functionality so browsing your site is like looking for a needle in a haystack.

Maybe your consultation process, customer support, and/or retention strategies are not as smooth as your customers expect from you.

Maybe you don't have a website, and that's the problem.

confused girl

You don’t want your customers looking like this when trying to find information about you.

Lhorie Salvador

Why take this journey with me?

I will always prioritize your values and what YOU want to achieve. I understand that every client's vision is unique and I tailor my approach to fit not just the end goal, but to ensure it aligns with your values.

I will always suggest a better, faster way of doing things that require less effort on your part. Think of it like taking a plane across the country rather than driving – you still arrive at your destination but a whole lot quicker.

And although I will make suggestions, it's always your call. I won’t push you to do something in a specific way just because it’s ‘the way to go’. We'll work together to find the perfect balance that suits your pace and preferences, ensuring that you're comfortable with every step we take towards achieving your goals.


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Let’s work together to give your customers the adventure they seek so you can start getting the results you want!

With a thoughtfully designed website, I can help turn your business into a sales magnet so you can start building your legacy.

Schedule a complementary call with me.


During our call together, you’ll get more than the “small talk” because I treat these calls as though you were a paying client and you get to walk away with actionable steps to take NOW. So I invite you to share your goals and vision for your site because I’d love to help you achieve them.

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The day you decide anything is possible

is the day you become limitless

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