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Install and Download Canva on Windows PC

Hey there! Welcome to Launch With Lhorie! Whether you're diving into app tutorials or gearing up for an online business venture, you're in the right place. Let's get started.

In today's tech tutorial, we are going to install and download Canva on your Windows PC.

Hit PLAY on the video to follow along or read the INSTRUCTIONS (with visuals) below.

VIDEO: Install and Download Canva on Windows PC


Install and Download Canva on Windows PC

Open your Google browser. and click on the link below to start the Canva app download.

On the Canva download page, click on Download Canva for Windows.

Google browser Canva download

On the top righthand corner of your browser, click on the Downloads icon to view your download. Once complete, click on the Canva Setup.exe to begin installation.

Google browser Canva download thank you page

You should then see a small window popup showing you the progress on your installation.

Google browser Canva download thank you page and installation progress

Once the installation is complete, the Canva app shortcut is added to your desktop and automatically opens the Canva app. Click on Log in through browser button. This will open a tab in your browser where you will need to log in.

Canva app in Windows desktop

If you are already logged into Canva, click on the Yes, continue to Canva app button.

A popup window will appear at the top to confirm you want to open the Canva app. Click on Open Canva.

Note: To prevent this popup window from showing up again, check the box next to Always allow... This feature will automatically open Canva links on your Canva desktop app.

Google browser Canva app login page


If you'd like to pin the Canva app to your desktop taskbar, right click on the Canva app and select Pin to taskbar.

Canva app on Windows taskbar


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That's a wrap!

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